Photo by James Autery

Photo by James Autery


I was a solitary but resilient child prone to escaping into imaginary worlds and daydreams. I began drawing and making “things” at an early age, as a way to translate information I was eager to absorb but that did not always make sense to me, and in an effort to communicate with a confusing world. This led me to study, and later practice, theatrical set and lighting design where I was handed new tools, both solid (set pieces) and ethereal (light), that enabled me to convert words, which fascinated me, into visuals, with which I felt I could better express myself and the intention of the work I was collaborating on. I was, however, not always overly concerned with the comfort of my performers nor the, perceived, rigidity of my directors.


After a decade of detours into adult worlds in increasingly serious and stern environments, I reclaimed my creativity and began getting my hands, literally, dirty once more. A renewed fascination with the imagery and mythology of my childhood, coupled with a very strong desire to ask questions as to who, what and where I was now as an adult woman, led me to work on a series of large multimedia sculptures. For this body of work I used materials as varied as plaster, metal, bone, fabric and found objects to create hybrid creatures that explored my relationship to both nature and society but also my relationship to my past and my family.


While these themes continue to interest me and be a part of my work,  for the past twelve months I have been drawn to a more classical representation of my thoughts. Working now with charcoal and pastels on paper, on a large scale, allows me to continue to sculpt, as I blend, crush and spread my materials across the page, but to do so in a more subtle manner. I use elements of realism, light, and composition, to present the creatures in my dreams and facets of my personality that fight for a place outside my head in a new manner.

My photographs, both the determined staged compositions and spontaneous captures, which nevertheless involve a "choice", are an extension of my investigation of how better to communicate with the world around me. Using images influenced heavily by classical imagery I can interpret situations and emotions that I find difficult to understand or express otherwise. It has also further allowed me to feel connection, and explore what it is to live in a world populated by endless others, as I begin to collaborate more and more with models other than myself.



Born in Paris of Austrian and Franco-Belgian parents, I was raised primarily in London where I pursued a Foundation in Fine Arts Diploma at the Heatherley School of Fine Art after high school. After this I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Theatrical Set and Lighting Design from Bennington College in Vermont. I pursued a design career in New York and Washington DC for several years before unforeseen events led me to work at the World Bank and as a high school teacher. A return to my native France included a Masters Degree in Contemporary French Literature, with a thesis on Cocteau, from NYU Paris, before several years as a project manager on International Development and Reform Projects financed by the European Commission throughout the Balkans and several former Soviet satellite countries. A desire to return to nature and creativity led me to leave Paris for Normandy in 2010 where I returned to more artistic endeavors but also worked extensively with racehorses. I moved back to the United States and settled in the Hudson Valley in 2013 where, in addition to my art practice, I opened and developed a retail store/art gallery and later a small boutique hotel, Harvey House, in a building I completely renovated and decorated. I closed Harvey House in September 2016 and have focused on my art ever since.