I was a solitary but expressive child, fond of words but not of uttering them, attracted to people but wary of them. I wrote, dark abstract poems torn out of my small hands by my panicked mother, and drew, image after image, on every surface available. My silent gestures not rebellious but a form of resilience, a means to translate information I was eager to absorb but that did not always make sense to me, to adapt to a confusing chaotic world. In adulthood these expressions continued, in various mediums but with the unfailing objective of creating objects I could revisit, physical interpretations of memories, emotions and actual events significant to me.

Photography has become my fundamental means of expression. Often unable to “connect”, I use the images I create to convey the specific emotions and urges I need to exteriorize. And as I observe the world spinning relentlessly around me, two themes continue to present themselves and intermingle. The first is the expressiveness of both animals and natural environments, their rawness and lack of self-censorship, their power, obvious in life and maintained in death. The second is the human skin, in all its variants, all its contortions, in detail and as a whole body. Whether confronted accidentally with the image or extracting it from my brain through staging, the resulting photograph allows me to communicate in the most precise and honest way I know how. With the hope of being understood but the declaration itself being the essence.




Born in Paris of Austrian and Franco-Belgian parents, I was raised primarily in London before moving to the US where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Theatrical Set and Lighting Design from Bennington College in Vermont. I pursued a design career in New York and Washington DC for several years before unforeseen events led me to work at the World Bank and as a high school teacher. A return to my native France included a Masters Degree in Contemporary French Literature, with a thesis on Cocteau, from NYU Paris, before several years as a project manager on International Development and Reform Projects financed by the European Commission throughout the Balkans and several former Soviet satellite countries.  I moved back to the United States and settled in the Hudson Valley in 2013 where, in addition to my art practice, I opened and developed a retail store/art gallery and later a small boutique hotel, Harvey House, in a building I completely renovated and decorated. I closed Harvey House in September 2016 and have focused on my art ever since.




Catskill NY

+1 845 702 0883

Photo by James Autery

Photo by James Autery