I was a solitary but expressive child, fond of words but not of uttering them, attracted to people but wary of them. I wrote, dark abstract poems torn out of my small hands by my panicked mother, and drew, image after image, on every surface available. My silent gestures not rebellious but a form of resilience, a means to translate information I was eager to absorb but that did not always make sense to me, to adapt to a confusing chaotic world. In adulthood these expressions continue, in various mediums but with the unfailing objective of creating objects I could revisit, physical interpretations of memories, emotions and actual events significant to me.

Photography and video have become my fundamental means of expression as I attempt to continue telling my own stories as well as presenting those of others.


Born in Paris of Austrian and Franco-Belgian parents, I was raised primarily in London before moving to the US where I obtained a b.a. in Theatrical Set and Lighting Design from Bennington College in Vermont. I pursued a design career in New York and Washington DC for several years before unforeseen events led me to work at the World Bank and as a high school teacher. A return to my native France included a Masters in Contemporary French Literature, with a thesis on Cocteau, from NYU Paris, before several years as a project manager on International Development and Reform Projects financed by the European Commission throughout the Balkans and several former Soviet satellite countries.  I moved back to the United States and settled in the Hudson Valley in early 2013 and have focused on creative endeavors ever since.




Catskill NY

+1 845 702 0883

Photo by James Autery

Photo by James Autery